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James Bay Distillers

Our SEC Reg CF "Form C" paperwork has been accepted

on Dec 16 2020
Serial entrepreneur, experienced expat having worked in a dozen countries or more, now living an hour or so from the US/Canadian border.

Until today, we have only shared this website with friends, family, colleagues and those we know.  Starting tonight, we can advertise publicly!   From "now" until we reach $60,030 under this raise, shares are $45/each vs. the usual amount of $50/each.  Thanks to each of you who have invested early with us, who have re-invested and provided your written endorsements!    If you're near the distillery in Everett, stop by 12-5pm, Tues-Sat, for in person tastings, cocktails and Q&A on this raise, or any other whisky or gin topic!   Cheers!