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The Biggest A.I. Study, Ever!

on Dec 11 2020
Founder and CEO @ Cortex - Techstars Boston 2020. Founder @ Pandemic Labs - Inc5000. Unlocking the power of the world's creators with A.I.

To support its commitment to spreading understanding of Artificial Intelligence among the enterprise, Cortex led the charge to launch the largest study of AI in the enterprise ever conducted.

Along with partners and co-sponsors like Deloitte, Data Robot, and Cognizant, Cortex helped discover never-before-known insights about the use of AI from over 1,200 of the largest global companies.

This study has already been a feature at three different conferences in the past weeks, including being one of the top 10 most-watched presentations at Advertising Week - Asia, and continues to drive Cortex thought leadership in the industry.

Some insights uncovered by the study. Did you know?

  • The average large company spends $38 million dollars a year on A.I. across the entire company
  • 76% of CMOs are already planning or testing A.I. in some way
  • 97% of CMOs plan to be implementing AI in some way in the next three years
  • Japan has a commanding lead in terms of A.I. Leaders. 24% of Japanese companies are AI Leaders compared to the 2nd place country, the United States, with 18%.

For those of you interested in learning more to help evaluate your A.I. investment strategies or to build the case for AI in your own careers, Cortex has made the entire study available for free.

If you prefer a video presentation that covers highlights from the study (and a bit more about Cortex), you can find that here.