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Where's The Foodtruck

Teamwork makes dreamwork

on Dec 8 2020

Better put: partnerships makes dreamwork!

<strike>We are excited to announce that we've begun talks with Square to join their PartnerUp program.</strike>

We are now part of Square's PartnerUp program and we're making our way to the marketplace!

There are a few key advantages to partnering with Square.

  • Exclusive access to feature APIs: Square creates both public and non-public APIs. With access to more APIs, we'll have earlier access to new features as well as features that our competitors won't.
  • Square developer support: Square gives our dev team direct access to their developer support team, meaning quicker implementation of new features and a faster debugging process for any issues that might arise in updates and new features.
  • Square Marketplace: As a PartnerUp partner, we'll be listed in Square's Marketplace, an app store designed specifically for their merchants. We've done the search, there aren't any solutions like ours currently on the Marketplace. Square will also use their own sales team to promote our business to mobile food vendors on their calls.
  • Profit share: Square pays us a portion of their transactional revenues generated through our platform.

We are confident in our ability to become a partner with Square, and we're thrilled to gain yet another edge over our competition!