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What is Your Time Worth in the Evolving Attention Economy?

on Dec 8 2020
Entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist at Chase International, corporate communications at Apple, YouTube creator and influencer.

Imagine you’re an emerging influencer. You started on Instagram and have a good following on YouTube, but your new TikTok account is exploding—amassing hundreds of thousands of followers in just a few weeks.

Things are finally happening after years of effort, and now you’re thinking about quitting that day job to become a full-time creator.

But insta-fame is overwhelming. You’re inundated with questions from fans and propositions from strangers pitching services you’re not sure you need.

You get calls from unknown numbers, so you let them go to voicemail.

Because who has time for a robocall pitch that’s probably a scam anyway? You’ve got Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube comments to attend to. You’ve got videos, pics, and posts to craft, DMs to answer, collaborators to interact with, brands to pitch, merch to design, friends to text, family to actually talk to and yes, you still have that pesky job to go to.

Attention is a finite resource.

Welcome to the attention economy, where the most valuable tradeable asset is your mental focus... READ MORE