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Funded or not?

on Dec 8 2020

We want to thank you for your support.  I am now being told by Wefunder our final total includes pre wefunder money so we did not get funded.  Throughout this process our totals did not include the pre wefunder money in our ongoing totals, this significantly decreased what was represented to public.  We have asked repeatedly for accuracy in accounting when we could get someone to respond.  Many times were were told there was a error in the system we accepted that it would be corrected. 

Now we are left with NO FUNDS RAISED THROUGH WEFUNDER.  To those who supported us thank you let me know if you funds are not returned ASAP.  My email is

To those who considered using Wefunder, I recommend against this process there is minimal support or no one to directly call.  I really doubt the numbers on what they have raised based on this creative accounting at the end of our offering. 

Matthew Lottinger