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Last update before the end of the Wefunder

on Dec 2 2020

We want to thank everyone who cheered us on this Journey.  We have tried to create an opportunity to create wealth for small investors in our project.  With that said the timing is obviously not right for many of our cheerleaders, this to me is very sad.  Because this means they are hurting financially, I want everyone to know we are praying that 2021 is better for everyone.

UrgentEMS will power through with the Wefunder that will close at midnight tomorrow Eastern Standard Time.   As of now, we need to hit 39,000 more to get our minimum raise to access those funds, if we do not hit the minimum those funds will be returned from escrow.  

We are going nowhere we are working on other investments and opportunities,  but this is the last chance we have to create wealth with working people like us.  This was and will be the only opportunity for non accredited investors for the foreseeable future. 

We have learned a lot during this adventure, one of the coolest things is Wefunder does best with Breweries, Food, and Rocketships.  While this has very little bearing on practical healthcare solutions,  it does bring me joy to know the American People still have the ability to pursue crazy dreams.  Those dreams make us who we are and unique amongst the people of this world. 

So in closing I still believe in miracles and really would like to just hit our minimum raise so we can get our insurance in place to start treating patients.  We are not afraid to do walk into covid patient's home and provide care.  In fact we are chomping at the bit but we have to have malpractice and operating funds to do this. We will get there. 

I am working on another investment pitch now for 50,000 to be awarded in January.  Here is the start below and God Bless you all for the support.

Matthew Lottinger

President UrgnetEMS  _____________________________________________________________________

Company summary

Urgent EMS is a hybrid vertically oriented medical service, providing home care, telemedicine, and an urgent care clinic to reduce the need for hospitalization and, therefore, healthcare costs by providing more advanced levels of out-of-hospital care. We will do so by employing aggressive online medical control, protocols, and, when necessary, scene/site visits by a practitioner or physician.

Problem analysis and validation that customers care about it

Runaway healthcare costs have become a leading cause of bankruptcy and are considered a significant crisis in the US and many other countries. Healthcare costs have attracted substantial media and political attention, now more prominent than ever before with the ongoing pandemic. Healthcare costs and copays, insurance costs, and the like are significant problems that nearly all Americans encountered high-cost healthcare.

Solution and validation that customers will pay for it

We plan to offer a concierge-based service initially, which will provide all levels of care from urgent care, minor illnesses, primary care, and major illnesses. Our company is working on insurance accreditation and will accept participating insures at that point also. We will also focus on conditions where people are currently hospitalized that could be safely and effectively managed at home with closer telemedicine following by providers using video and personal on scene visits. Paramedics will be able to provide more intensive evaluation than is currently done by anyone. People have been paying eagerly for Ready Responders, which does something similar to but far less comprehensive than this.

We intend to open a traditional urgent care subsidiary in Shreveport. The clinic will support telemedicine and mobile clinics; the clinic's purpose is to bring more complex patients in for x-rays, cat scans, or advanced procedures that can not be treated in the home, then discharging the patients home someday.

Once we have proven our infrastructure, we will replicate our business model nationwide. We believe our hybrid approach will be readily replicable. The beauty of building our healthcare network on a daily use hybrid telemedicine network is we are not limited in growing our company beyond Louisiana. Our goal is to become a significant asset for the State of Louisiana Head Quartered here in Shreveport, LA.

Product or Service Details

UrgentEMS will leverage emerging technologies to bring “Healthcare to You”, thereby eliminating a significant barrier to accessing healthcare. Many people no longer can afford to take off for essential healthcare appointments, and a significant number of these services can be carried out over a telemedicine link in realtime no matter where the patient is located.

One of the areas where we see significant opportunity in the use of point of care labs and point of care ultrasound. Ultrasound has been shown to be on par or better than a standard plain film x-ray for the diagnosis of pneumonia (a significant complication of Covid 19). On October 1, 2020, we demonstrated the ability to carry out a real-time ultrasound exam between South Dakota and Florida with one of our business associates. This application of telemedicine creates unique business opportunities for UrgentEMS to license and provide technical services nationwide. Our company envisions doctors being located in Shreveport being able to provide a real-time reading of lung ultrasounds, brain ultrasounds, and trauma ultrasound with EMS affiliates nationwide or with UrgentEMS owned mobile clinics nationwide.

During the current Covid 19 epidemic, our vision is to triage and treat patients in their homes rather than having them discharged home to fend for themselves due to lack of resources. Beyond Covid 19 our company will monitor the chronically ill on a realtime, near real-time, and episodic basis based on their level of need. When required we will send out the mobile clinics to provide essential point-of-care testing and treatment to avoid rehospitalizations.

Target market

Our target market is the masses to bring high volume responsive care to working people who need care that is affordable and fits their lifestyles. We accomplish this by working with employers to provide members access to our network as a low-cost benefit to their employees. It is our belief employer will look at this as a means of cutting costs based on employee absenteeism and preventable illnesses. Additionally, access to physical healthcare in this manner will dampen the blow of higher deductible healthcare solutions that employers are being forced to provide due to insurance costs.

Our go to market strategy

Our go-to-market strategy is to begin telemedicine services over a real-time video link with Dr. Najberg DO, FACEP as soon as we can secure the Medical Malpractice Insurance required. Insurance applications have been filed. We will use an existing telemedicine portal under license and will be using a recognized Opensource EMR.

While mobile our medics will market our services to businesses throughout the Metropolitan Shreveport and rural markets within 150 miles of Shreveport Louisiana focusing on medically underserved areas first.

We are prepared to start seeing Covid 19 patients in their homes Immediately upon obtaining the required malpractice insurance.

Intellectual Property

We have trademarked, “Healthcare brought to You”.

Competitive differential

Our company is focused on bringing the total package together closing the loop between telemedicine video conferencing and physical hands-on care. Video conferencing can not deliver treatments, point of care labs, or point of care ultrasounds. This lack of physical hands-on touch limited the meaningful use of the telemedicine consult. In the end, someone must either bring the care to the patient or bring the patient to the care. Getting the patient to the care creates a significant logistical barrier and involves a huge wast in both cost and opportunities to capitalize on timely care