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Something for Accredited Investors

on Nov 29 2020

UrgentEMS will open a second investment pool to immediately follow the Closing of the Wefunder for UrgentEMS for accredited investors only.   This pool will be separate and distinct from the Wefunder, but requires participation in the closing of the UrgentEMS Wefunder.  To participate the accredited investors MUST purchase $50,000 in safe agreements.  In the event of  two or more accredited investors purchase SAFE agreements the follow on pool will be allocated proportionally for all accredited investors over $50,000.  Currently the Wefunder stands at $10,750 dollars.

The follow on pool will be a option for 700,000 common stock shares at 0.45 per share that will expire June 1st, 2021.  This round will automatically convert all SAFE agreements purchased in the Wefunder to common stock at a 20% discount.  

There are $1,070,000 SAFE Agreements in the Wefunder Total.  So an individual accredited investor will have the potential to pickup a substantial number of SAFE Agreements that will convert to shares at a discount.

We are committed to going operational with the mobile clinics, telemed, and the physical Urgent Clinic in first quarter of 2021.

At the same time individual small investors who purchase through the Wefunder will see their SAFE agreements converted to equity immediately up the follow on round.  This is a further incentive to finish the Wefunder strong with small investors

Once the UrgentEMS Wefunder closes the follow on option pool closes.