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Spreading L.O.V.E.

on Nov 19 2020
Visual storyteller, wordsmith, current events nerd

Living Our Values Everyday

Our team recently went through an exercise when we each shared tidbits of personal development wisdom we’ve learned over the years and advice we’d give to our younger selves. We all got a little vulnerable. It was inspiring to collect some common takeaways from the conversation — lessons we’re excited to share with our community.

Here at CoPeace, we’re inspired by LOVE and also by living our values every day. Values-based work is the foundation for our company, and because you’re here, we know it’s important to you, too. So, we’d like to share with you a glimpse into where our heads (and hearts) are at this moment. We hope it will inspire everyone in our community to spread positivity using lessons we’ve learned — so we can all reach our greatest potential.

Lessons we’re proud to share

  • Expressing gratitude to the people around you will always lift your mood.
  • Being busy is not a badge of honor. Take the time to slow down and smell the roses (without feeling guilty).
  • Keep working on your mindset. Try meditating to shape your destiny.
  • Be present. It might take (many) years to get to where you want to be, but if you can live in the moment without continually looking ahead, you’ll better enjoy the ride.
  • Learning to motivate from within takes time, but there’s beauty in finding intrinsic (rather than external) motivation to do great work.

Are there any lessons you’ve learned that you wish you could share with your younger self? We’d love to hear from you!