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Welcome Tiamo Gonzalez, Primerica Rep

on Nov 12 2020

UrgentEMS, Inc has made a decision to engage Tiamo as our financial service representative.  Tiamo is the local Primerica Senior Regional Leader in Shreveport, Louisiana.  

Tiamo has laid out the standard Primerica Concepts for helping families create meaningful financial independence.  As we all know healthcare often is the single largest annual expense for families.  Using standard Primerica Financial services we have identified several options to assist families in saving and accessing funds to pay for cash-based healthcare services.  Cashed bases services have the potential to enable significant discounts on care.  

Please welcome Tiamo to the team both from our members and future employees as we begin this exciting journey to provide cost-effective healthcare solutions.    Tiamo can be reached at  

Primerica has 70 billion dollars of assets under management and is dedicated to creating financial services for working families.

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