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DataCrux Technologies joins GenesisAI platform! We are growing faster!

on Nov 11 2020

I am thrilled to announce that the premier AI and data company - DataCrux has joined our platform as a supplier! We are proud to welcome DataCrux on our platform and believe that they will add a huge value! 

DataCrux provides relevant tools/technology for businesses to be successful in the age of Data and AI.

DataCrux Summarization AI summarizes a given piece of text. Their API can accept
Raw Text as input or Url as an input (for news articles).

DataCrux's keywords AI identifies various entities/keywords and their occurrences. For example, identifying a person, company, money, product, quantity, language, event, location, etc. 

DataCrux also provides AI tools that help companies do market research and provide public data from Twitter for various hashtags and keywords. 

This partnership is another step towards our goal of realizing the dream of shared AI for all! Our goal is to allow everyone to monetize their AI technology and to allow companies to get high-quality AIs.

To join our current fundraising round click here. The round is filling up fast!

The sun will shine on us! Forward only!