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Waking to Good News

on Nov 9 2020

Waking this morning to the Good News that Phizer's Covid-19 Vaccine is 90% effective, this essential news for this nation. This news was followed further by the US Stock Market Responded with a 16% sell-off Zoom and other tech stocks focused on video-only software for working from home.  We believe this is further validating our insistence on a hybrid telehealth network that can bring hands-on care as necessary.

I am going to give a glimpse of the assumptions we are for our proposed hybrid telehealth operations.  Note we can recreate this model over and over with existing EMS and Homehealth partners. Our primary goals are not to own all the clinics or mobile providers but to own the infrastructure that enables the business model and memberships.  We want to grow this company into a nationwide organization in short order.  However, to become operational we are focused on getting the first healthcare market operational.  We will use our Wefunder as the seed funding to get operational in the first quart of 2021.  Dr.  Najberg is ready to get us operational  UrgentEMS confident technological basis for these services.

All prices are based on a cash basis for care based on a discounted membership model.  We are happy to see no members and bill insurers also those prices will be significantly higher.

These are preliminary numbers we will share the entire workbook with serious inquires, we have been very conservative in our calculations.

Clinic and hybrid operations in one geographical location