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Bay Area Ranchers' Cooperative

We Have Ordered Our Mobile Harvesting Unit

on Nov 19 2020
Rancher at Green Star Farm in Sebastopol, CA. Holds a B.S. in Physics & has been an entrepreneur & business owner for well over 15 years.

Yay! With the help of our initial investors, we have passed a huge milestone: Last week we placed the order for our mobile harvest unit, a state of the art USDA self contained harvest facility that will bring local and humane harvest to our North Bay counties. We expect delivery of the unit by next Spring!We have a few more things to do before then: we are in the process of securing a site for operation, staffing our operation with some of the best butchers and purchasing the necessary equipment to make this business a success. We're excited to move forward with such momentum and can't do it without you. We need your investment to reach our goal so we can be operational by May 2021! Join us in achieving this dream and to lead the way in restoring and reimagining our local food system.

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