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fetch! Dog Treats

Potential Deal On The Horizon - Requires Funding To Scale

on Oct 29 2020
Jackie Lovern and John Griveas are co-owners of fetch! Dog Treats. Jackie founded fetch! in 2012. John is a Navy veteran and father of two.

We have been working on a potential multi-door deal with Tops Friendly Markets, a regional grocery chain with over 160 stores between New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. We have an existing relationship with Tops, and they have expressed interest in helping to scale our brand by placing our products in a majority of their locations. For the relationship to work, however; the following things must occur/be available:

  • Manufacturing -- We must produce our treats in much larger quantities, which will require us to re-establish our relationship with our previous manufacturer or find another.
  • Packaging -- We need to move forward with upgrading our packaging to the newly designed pouches that we previewed above in our story. Our clamshell containers performed well in the twelve store test that we completed last year, but one issue that we came across was a loss in quality and appearance due to the strong fluorescent lighting. Not only does the new packaging solve that problem, but also provides a more marketable surface area to grab a consumer's attention in the three seconds that we have to appeal to them.
  • Distribution -- To fulfill the number of stores available to us, we will need to partner with a distributor that can transport our product from the manufacturer, or warehouse, to the stores.
  • Merchandising -- Tops requires the vendor to merchandise and keep up with ordering and fulfilling inventory on a regular basis. Tops can provide information for a number of companies that provide this service for many of their vendors.
  • Marketing/Brand Support -- We will support our launch by building and funding awareness campaigns targeted to Tops active and potential dog-loving customers in the areas where our treats are available. We may also implement the use of shelf-talkers, signage, and display racks.

Tops has been in business in WNY since the 1920s, and in some areas, it is the only grocery store available to the local population. With the information that we gathered during our twelve store test and the demand currently existing, we are confident that expanding our relationship with them will be a fruitful endeavor for all parties involved. Still, without your help, this deal can not move forward.

Consider investing, or increasing your investment today and share in the joy (and profits) that treating dogs with delicious, all-natural biscuits brings to the world.