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Final stretch but you must Reconfirm Your Investment!

on Oct 28 2020
Ben Swann is a 2x Emmy Award winner and 3x Edward R. Murrow Award winning investigative journalist & founder of the Truth in Media Project.

This message is for everyone who has invested in ISE Media through our WeFunder equity crowdfund on or before October 21st, 2020.

ISE Media has begun the development of ISE Media’s next phase to add more creators as well as implement additional features for our users. Our team is excited to add more content to ISE Media and improve user experience with added functions.

However, the SEC required us to file our financial review before we withdraw funds from the crowdfund; while this review has been completed and approved, this required filing means that anyone who invested on or before October 21 must reconfirm their investment right now.

Our team is preparing to withdraw the funds to expedite this stage of development. It is critical for investors to reconfirm: this action will take no more than a few seconds of your time.

All investors should have received an email from WeFunder with a link to confirm. This email will show a large green link that says “Review”, and this link will take you directly to a page where you can quickly click “Reconfirm”.

If you did not receive this email (check your spam folder), simply do the following:

Log into WeFunder.

Go to your Wefunder Portfolio []

Click “Reconfirm” on your investment and follow prompts on the next page.

And that’s it!

Our team is so grateful for every dollar that has been raised with this equity crowdfund. We want to make sure that your investment is accepted and that you are able to own a part of this platform and push forward in our next development phase.

Each and every dollar will help us move more quickly to fight big tech censorship.

Thank you all for your support in a platform created not just for the people, but by the people.

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