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7 Things You Can Expect From A.I. In Healthcare

on Oct 28 2020
I’m an active nerd. I love technology and how it can transform our lives. I’m an entrepreneur. I volunteer and give back to the ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has for long been the subject of the fertile minds of science-fiction writers and movie directors. HAL 9000, Skynet and JARVIS are some of the many A.I. names sci-fi enthusiasts are familiar with. They streamline administrative tasks, entertain humans and, of course, become overlords threatening human existence.

Now, thanks to technological progress, such A.I. are breaking out of the confines of movies and books and into healthcare. While they aren’t threatening our existence, they are helping in improving the medical field. From forecasting disease outbreaks to helping in new drug discovery, the potential of A.I. in healthcare is attracting massive investments and increasing life science research.

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