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CoPeace Combines Sport and Impact with Newest Holding, CoPeace Sport

on Oct 13 2020
Dr. Jonas founded CoPeace in 2018 after percolating the idea for more than 30 years and being part of several successful start-up ventures.

Today, we are excited to announce the newest addition to the CoPeace holdings portfolio – CoPeace Sport!

…or CoSpo for short, is our third wholly-owned subsidiary and fifth holding for CoPeace.

We’ve been asked, “Why sport? What does this have to do with impact investing?”

Well, the CoPeace team has quite a diverse background with a lot of experience in sport. We’ve seen firsthand the impact it has in our greater society. We’ve seen how sport can bridge divides and break down barriers by leveraging its unique power and passion in society. Sport brings cultures and countries together in peaceful settings. 

We have recently seen the impact sports figures and organizations can bring to the public conversation regarding social and environmental issues.

We want to help athletes, coaches, sport organizations, and sport-related business ventures maximize their ability to positively impact society through for-profit endeavors and activities. 

We use our expertise in sport, media, coaching, marketing, and finance to evaluate and elevate brand value. With our impact measurement and business development services, we increase brand equity and align personal and organizational values with sustainable impact opportunities.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Sport has the power to change the world.”

Read more about CoSpo in our press release here.

P.S. – We recently had. a great conversation with Clark Kellogg, who shared some wonderful insights about his creative process, work ethic, and values. If you are interested in watching the event, click here.