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Hotels 2.0

on Sep 2 2020
In 15+ years in travel, plenty of guests wanted a day room, and no hotels could assign one, for fear of disrupting their overnight allotments. Something had to be done.

Dear HotelsByDay supporter, cheerleader, friend,

We are excited to announce that HotelsByDay recently published an opinion piece on MarketWatch about our vision on what the future of a hotel will look like and why we're so bullish for this asset class.

Here's a link to the article, via LinkedIn:

It's a very big deal for the company to have reached this level of credibility in the hotel industry.

You would do an immense favor to our commonwealth to share the above link far & wide on your profile and social media.

And while you're at it, also join the HotelsByDay LinkedIn group ;)

Thank you in advance for reading this, and for your continuous support.


Yannis Moati