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Savannah Sauce Company

Savannah Sauce Company's Georgia Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Sweet Bourbon Marinade & Glaze have found a home in the country's only prohibition museum

on Aug 27 2020
V.P. New Business Development with Savannah Sauce Company.

The American Prohibition Museum [is the first and only museum in the United States dedicated to the history of Prohibition. Highlighting an era of gangsters, rum runners, and flappers, the museum brings the Roaring Twenties to life with over 20 intoxicating exhibits and an authentic speakeasy. Featuring 21st century technology and immersive displays, the museum takes guests on a journey through the past to the early 1900s when anti-alcohol rallies swept the nation and America’s struggle with alcohol was brought to light.] In anticipation of COVID-19 restrictions relaxing, the museum has placed its first order.  when The museum is located in downtown Savannah, Georgia in the heart of its City Market. The museum has a nostalgic speak-easy where visitors   can sample libation favorites of the generation of the roaring 20's. We are collaborating with management to introduce specialty cocktails using Savannah Sauce Company's Kickin' Pineapple Mango Sauce and Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.