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Quorum X Diagnostics, Inc.

Preliminary Patient Data now in!

Good Afternoon,

I want to thank everybody for your great support and belief in our mission. The team and I have been working day and night to make this into a reality. I thought it was important to take a quick break and give an update on some exciting news. We finally have preliminary patient data! We wanted to wait until we were absolutely confident in the data that we had. Here is a short video clip from Dr. Rivera, that explains our findings. In short, we tested a total of 39 patient samples. 18 were PCR confirmed COVID positive patient samples and 21 were COVID negative patient samples. Out of 18 samples, 18 came up positive using our QXD-3 COVID NOW lateral flow prototype. Which puts our sensitivity at 100%. Out of the negative patient samples our test confirmed 20 out of 21 which puts our specificity at 95%. Presently, we have no false positives and only 1 false negative. This data was collected on our laboratory made lateral flow sticks. Obviously, this is a small sample size, but we couldn't have asked for better results at this stage. Our next steps include making a small batch manufacturing run of 300 lateral flow sticks and retesting our patient samples to ensure reproducibility. This should take roughly 2 weeks.  Hence, this put us officially into clinical trials!

Thank you!

Best Regards,