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Jan 1, 2021 - Reflecting back and moving forward

on Jan 1
CLO @ DIEMlife Juilliard-trained violinist and coach experienced in fitness and personal development, Creator of ”Elevating the Alum”

We start this new year with renewed hope. 2020 was an exhausting one of wins and losses. We have the lists to prove it but our personal favorite is one called "Covid-19 Task Queue", created on March 17, 2020. We won't be changing the file name anytime soon.

To start 2021 anew with us, we want to share three things that we are moving forward with.

1. We reached our $100k fundraising goal on Wefunder ->
2. We are launching the world's biggest virtual race for wellness ->
3. Our growing team of incomparable developers, creatives, and advisors: Sunny, Andrew, David, Loren, Eric, Nick, Karthik, Tiffany, Al.

If it wasn't evident enough, 2020 proved that it takes more than a village to build a vision. It takes the right people, right skills, and the right amount of grit and humility. And if nothing else, 2020 has prepared us to take on whatever 2021 has in store for us.

It's never fun to achieve the impossible alone so we're glad you're with us on this epic ride. We wish you more of the wonderful things in 2021 and most importantly, we wish you and your loved ones good health.

Timothy and Yoo-Sun