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fetch! Dog Treats

Early Bird Ends At $50,000

on Aug 8 2020
Jackie Lovern and John Griveas are co-owners of fetch! Dog Treats. Jackie founded fetch! in 2012. John is a Navy veteran and father of two.

We are just shy of $24,000.00 as we begin day four of our public launch on the WeFunder platform. We want to thank all of our early supporters and remind everyone that our discounted unit price of $0.83 will increase as soon as the campaign reaches $50,000.00 in commitments. By investing now you not only get a 25% discount on the valuation, but you are also helping to ensure that the campaign is seen by more people, thereby increasing the likelihood that we are successful and will be able to proceed with our stated business plan in a concerted effort to earn you a return on your investment in us. It's a potential win-win for all of us, so invest today and help us spread happiness and health across the country by treating dogs with fetch! brand dog treats.