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Last Chance to Invest in Mammalz. Campaign ends Friday, July 31, 9 PM PST. (Click here for details and key points)

on Jul 30 2020

Mammalz Co-founders, Rob Whitehair and Alexander Finden explain the progress Mammalz has made and discuss the next steps in achieving the Mammalz mission to reconnect the world to nature.

The chance to invest in Mammalz is coming to an end. Don't miss out! Mammalz community equity round ends Friday, July 31, 9 PM PST.

Key Points:

-A true sense of community has come about on Mammalz

-The Mammalz Community is made up of nature lovers from over 65 countries around the world.

-The level of camaraderie on Mammalz is not something we could have predicted this early.

-Partnerships, such as our inroads with AWS, have allowed us to shift our use of funds away from drains like data expenses and toward exciting new projects and revenue models.

-Mammalz plans to further engage our community is by integrating the first of our monetization tools

-Using innovations in outdoor live streaming, we’re providing scalability to a burgeoning consumer tech industry and lowering the barrier to entry for storytellers around the world.

-Mammalz next steps are to redesign its user interface followed by a build for Android to capture more of our international audiences.

-In the end, the smartphone will be all that will be needed to connect the world with nature and each other.