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Mammalz Progress Report : The Mammalz Mission - Achieving High Engagement, Lowering Barriers (Click here for details and key points)

on Jul 29 2020

CEO and Co-founder Rob Whitehair reviews the company’s progress in achieving the Mammalz mission in the few short months of being operational and summarizes our next steps in monetizing content.

Key Points:
During the pandemic, the Mammalz team has been successful in calmly and effectively pivoting when needed, all while staying extremely focused on the goals large and small.

The Mammalz team has exceeded our engagement expectation with an engagement rate that is 9x higher than that of our competitors. This engagement is key to moving forward in implementing our first monetization tools.

In the few short months of being operational, we are well on our way to achieving our goal of democratizing the nature media industry with a community representing 65+ countries around the world.

We are addressing our community's two biggest pain points: 1) The major expense of production gear necessary to even begin making content, 2) The ability to make a living as a content creator.

We will address these pain points next through changes in our user interface and tech infrastructure, and partnering with companies who advance smartphone technology in the creative sphere. This will lower the barrier to entry in producing content from anywhere in the world.

We have moved up our plan to implement our monetization tools. This will be a dynamic tipping tool that gives the community the direct ability to support the creators and the causes they love. This is the first step in giving creators the ability to make a living, and for Mammalz, to begin seeing revenue much sooner than we have anticipated.