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Mammalz Progress Report: Operations - New Partnerships, Succeeding in the Pandemic (Click here for details and key points)

on Jul 22 2020

In the first of our Mammalz “Progress Report” series of updates, COO and Co-founder Alexander Finden reviews the company’s operational progress since February and summarizes our next steps.


  • How Mammalz successfully navigated the pandemic, grew our team, reduced our overhead, and launched our products to the public.
  • A new partnership with Mux decreased our media streaming-related crashes by over 900% and, on average, increased video engagement by 27%.
  • By partnering with AWS, we reduced our data expenses to zero with $100,000 in credits and stretched our runway dramatically.
  • We launched phase one of our Creator Partnerships Program, which has enabled us to provide frequent, high-quality user-generated content to our community and improve user retention. We have also learned much more about the needs of creators in the nature storytelling realm, providing our team with insight into future improvements, revenue models, and media streaming tools for Mammalz.
  • Our next steps, operationally, will be to grow our tech team here in San Diego, add more experts to our Creator Partnerships management team, and form new partnerships with entities who can help us drive user engagement and reduce production expenses for our content creators.