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Voyage Media

Voyage Mints New Strategic Partnership (and Q2 Update)

on Aug 2 2020
Founder / Investor

Dear Investors:

The entertainment industry has continued to thrive during the pandemic, and the team at Voyage has been head down, hard at work, and the company is growing! 

Nielsen reports that viewing demand surged 81% after Covid struck, and what's more interesting is that it hasn't slowed down, even as states begin to reopen and people once again have more options for their time and attention. 

It is my belief (and so far the data seems to support this), that people will elect to stay home and watch content even as options like restaurants and theaters are becoming a possibility once again.

Accordingly I'm very bullish on the industry and also Voyage's innovative position within it. The company grew by 62% year over year during the 2nd quarter (*unaudited).

Here's a summary of things we've been up to:

  • Launched a Covid-friendly, low-cost, at-home coaching program for storytellers
  • Signed up 4 new producers to the platform
  • Established 12 new Originals on our development/producing slate
  • Launched a new strategic partnership with the Cartel (see below)

We are proud to announce our newly minted strategic partnership with The Cartel:

To advance our ability to finance and distribute movies and shows, Voyage's Head of Originals, Robert Mitas, has been actively engaged in partnership conversations with studios and financing/distribution companies. The strategic partnership with the Cartel is the first fruit of that labor.

The Cartel is one of the most prolific financing and distribution companies in the world, and their capability to produce upwards of 25 pictures and television series per year, make them a great match for our incubator's ability to develop intellectual property (movie and show projects) at scale.

We recently opened submissions to the partnership and in the first 5 days alone, have received over 100 submissions. Click here for more information and submission details.

What's next?

As and if Voyage continues to grow during Q3/Q4, we will be investing further into operational efficiencies, the additional staff required to manage the growth, new products and services, and additional partnerships.

One of our most exciting challenges in the near term is how to manage the increased sales & marketing workload, which currently consumes 75% of my personal weekly schedule. This structural pivot is critical for growth otherwise my personal availability will create a bottleneck.

The team is excitedly envisioning a time in the not too distant future when half of my sales/marketing time can be allocated to CEO duties, including innovating and implementing for the future.

And we already have some very exciting things in the works so please stay tuned!

Together we can do great things!

Nat Mundel (Founder/CEO).