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Savannah Sauce Company

Responsible Capitalism

on Jul 11 2020
V.P. New Business Development with Savannah Sauce Company.

When we started Savannah Sauce Company, we made a commitment to give back. We were highly criticized by our peers for creating a sauce to help build tiny homes for homeless veterans. They [Colleagues] said,"Why are you giving your profits away?" We are a startup but I firmly believe that there exists a sweet spot where philanthropy and profitability can coexist. I think we have found that sweet spot. We are ironing out the details of a new program with Savannah State University, a local HBCU ( Historically Black College or University). HBCU's  have historically suffered from the  lack of adequate financial resources that are abundant to non-HBCU's. Savannah State University's mascot is a tiger, an orange tiger with blue stripes to be exact. I developed an orange sauce which embodies the essence of the tiger;--bold, rich and captivating.

We will allow the students of Savannah State University to name the sauce. The students will also be tasked with forming a company to market and distribute the sauce; they will also form aboard of directors. During their educational experience at the university, they will be able to hold certain positions giving them real world work experiences. Upon graduation, the student(s) should have (4) years work experience, depending on their classification at the time of participation in the program. Revenues generated from the sales of the sauce will go to pay student employees of the company, program sustainability, and micro grants to help students fund startups. We charge a modest profit on the sauces. This is  where the sweet spot exists; the students, get vital career experiences, the university gets an opportunity to create  a hyper-enhanced learning environment, increased student resources and Savannah Sauce Company makes a profit for its shareholders.

WIN, WIN, WIN. Symbiosis. Responsible Capitalism.

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