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Manna Cooking

Reviews from the Manna community

on Aug 13 2020

We already have dedicated users, Beta Testers and folks who have been with us every step of the way. This is what they have to say about the Manna app, team and business:

John Frierson: “I never thought of food as data that you can slice and dice! With Manna you make that leap and realize there are so many things you can do and share. Super intuitive and crazy fun.”

Jeff Strew: “Thanks to Manna, I survived quarantine in NYC. And even after the pandemic eventually ends, I will continue to use Manna as a one-stop shop for creating and sharing my favorite recipes with an engaged, interactive community.”

Ian Karr: “Manna is one of those apps that make you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. It’s way more than a platform for sharing recipes. Manna is building a global community around the joys of food. It's the Instagram of cooking!”

Graj + Gustavsen: “We originally fell in love with Manna because of the outstanding people behind it, and their vision to create a new kind of recipe app driven by sharing, cooking, and cutting edge technology. The team has now brought that vision to life smartly and artfully. The look, the feel, the functionality, and the experience all work together to create something fun, useful, and intuitive. Manna already feels like a community, and that’s what drives successful brands. Maybe what we like most about Manna is that it does something that few others accomplish: it connects people in a down to earth, positive way that fosters regular engagement. (And who knew that we were entering a period of home cooking like never before?) We’re thrilled to be a part of the Manna team, helping to build what could well become the best food app ever!”

Rebecca Finnell: “How did this not exist before...? The founders of the Manna team took their passion for food to the tech space, and gave the world what it was missing: an interactive social community for food with unlimited access to recipes and more, all on a single app. As a foodie myself, I am tired of searching for recipes online and then having to skim through all the BS in the article just to get to the ingredients and directions. Manna makes it so easy to access the essentials right away. All the while being super fun. Also, I could spend all day on the tinder-like swipe mode... it’s addictive!”

Nick Martschenko: "Manna blew me away! I was immensely impressed to the point of goosebumps up and down my arms! It's the start of something truly special."

Simone Ferraro: "I've been working with the Manna team for some time now. I couldn't be more impressed with their focus, dedication and razor sharp execution. It's been a privilege to see how far they came in such a short and complicated time. If I had to call out one thing in particular that the team is great at is their ability to listen and internalize feedback, reacting to it in a productive and constructive way. Manna team in two words? Humble competence."

Antony Greenstein: “Having spent my life in the food industry ,my interest in Manna has come from an in-depth appreciation of the incredible technology that has brought such an elegant and simple solution to linking home cooks and their kitchens around the world. Normally in the world of published recipes none of the power goes to the person cooking . With Manna the cook is given the ability to edit , experiment , customize and share – And that is what cooking is all about . In my mind Manna is the ultimate inspiration point , utility and cooking community builder available today.”

Mario Nelson: “Manna makes me look forward to something that used to be a chore”

Heather Mee: "Manna is deliciously intuitive, simple and elegant. I am always thinking about food and what I’m going to cook from my garden. I modify every recipe, whether I am recreating a fancy restaurant dish or cooking a family recipe. Now I have a place to save and share all of these treasures with my signature nuances. And I love being able to search and filter for dishes without the many ingredients I’m allergic to. The swipe feature is both brilliant and delectable!!!"

Glenn Myles: “It’s always remarkable to me when someone makes something that was not obvious and makes it obvious! Manna has done just that. How we eat , how we cook , and what we eat makes all the difference in the world. Not just physically as we are all aware , but mentally. The communal table , where family and friends gather for a meal has always been the way people share love and appreciation for each other MANNA has now created a worldwide communal table and the push of a button. MANNA would have always been an important new way of assisting the provider to provide, but in the age of COVID 19 the ability to assist all of us figuring out daily how to feed our families while staying at home has never been more important. I applaud you for taking an age old approach to cooking and bringing a delicious and easy approach to our future!”