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Savannah Sauce Company

Savannah Sauce Company to Introduce its Gullah Girl's Finest Seasonings Line.

on Jun 7 2020
V.P. New Business Development with Savannah Sauce Company.

Savannah Sauce Company has developed a blend of seasonings that celebrate the rich culture of the Gullah tradition. Gullah is a name given to a group of African Americans living on the coast of South Carolina and nearby islands. Creole is language of the Gullah, having an English base with elements from various West African languages. There are roughly 125,000 speakers of Gullah. The cuisine of the Gullah is a fusion of West African, French and other European influences.

Gullah food culture is expanding more than ever, with restaurants from the mountains to the coast serving up Gullah classics like shrimp and grits, gumbo and Frogmore Stew. In fact, many of the dishes South Carolinians consider classic Southern favorites are actually derived from Gullah culture. Rice, for example - a Southern staple on its own or traditionally served with gumbo, gravy and stews - would not have survived in this area without the Gullah people's expert cultivation techniques. The Gullah Girl's Finest brand brings this rich history and culture to the forefront of the mainstream American culinary experience. Planned for August 2020 launch.