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Our First Acquisition Offer (We're Politely Declining)

on Jun 23 2020
Co-Founder and CEO of Brightest

Since day one of Brightest, our goal has been to build a brand, company, and product that's unique, thoughtful, and future-proof. One that's on the right side of a lot of different trends:

  • Shifts toward a more sustainable, equitable economy
  •  Shifts from focusing attention on social media to focusing attention on social good
  •  Shifts toward empowering and lifting up marginalized communities and front-line workers
  • Shifts toward justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion across work and life

This week we received our first acquisition offer from another company who's noticing the same trends and recognizing they can't copy what we've built or our unique lens on the future. So for now, we're politely declining, continuing to stay independent, and remaining true to our vision, mission, and the opportunity ahead.

We feel like we’re just getting started with the full potential of Brightest, and there's a lot more value to build and deliver for the broader Brightest community before we consider exits.