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GenesisAI Quarterly update!

on May 14 2020

Hello GenesisAI community, 

I hope everyone is in good health and spirits!  We have some exciting announcements!

First, I wanted to celebrate again how much success our equity crowdfunding round was! We have over 1000 investors! I want to thank every one of you for the support. Together, we will build a great company that will change people's lives. 

Moving forward.

Amidst the global pandemic, all of us need to do our part to combat COVID. We need a global coordinated effort!

After getting overwhelming demand, I am glad to announce that GenesisAI is entering the healthcare sector! Our goal is to bring AIs from all around the world to defeat COVID and get humanity back on track! We will win! 

GenesisAI team is starting to gather AIs to develop detection, testing, diagnostic, and treatment.

The initial focus will be on:

• AI that identifies people who are at high risk of getting really sick if they were to become infected
• AI that predicts future outbreaks
• AI that simulates the impact of different government policies

We are in conversation with companies who would like to deploy their AI models on our platform. We will make huge partnership announcements soon!

We are going to make quarterly announcements. If you would like to be included plz fill out this form and follow us on twitter.

Excited for what the future holds!