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Partnering With All Hands to Power the Mission-Driven Software Movement

on May 4 2020
Co-Founder and CEO of Brightest

Since we started Brightest, we've seen a big increase in software engineers (and workers overall) looking to use their talents for positive social outcomes.

Engineers don't just want to know what they're building, but also why. Who does it impact? Who does it benefit? And how can their work lead to better health, happiness, and standards of living for others. One of Amazon's top engineers at AWS just publicly announced he quit for exactly this reason.

To support that movement, Higher Ground Labs and alums from Everytown for Gun Safety, Purpose, and Cultivate recently launched "All Hands" - a new program to help software engineers find and contribute  to socially beneficial work and companies.

We've been invited to join as partners alongside other great organizations like Act on Climate, Crisis Text Line, and New/Mode who are combining advanced tech with positive social outcomes.

Access to top technical talent is critically important for our ongoing growth, and partnerships like this help bring us a stronger recruiting pipeline of passionate engineering and data science candidates who want to contribute to what we're building.