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Voyage Media

Demand Up 30% (+ Announcements)

on Apr 17 2020
Founder / Investor

Good morning, Community :)

As anticipated in my last update, viewing demand on the streaming platforms is up 30% since Covid-19 struck. 

I believe that demand will continue to surge well past the peak of the crisis, as our lifestyle habits are forever changed. And it's worth noting that when a consumer watches at home, they consume far more content-hours than if they watch in theaters, which means more and more original projects must be produced to meet that demand.

And while there are far reaching implications to the broader economy and for people everywhere, I believe Voyage is in a very strong position to capitalize on this viewing surge.

One thing we are doing to meet that demand is to increase the flow of stories into our incubator with a new 'stay-at-home writers group'. This new group is designed as a low cost alternative (and way to deal with isolation) for storytellers, and so they can be coached by Voyage producers to create marketable books and film/TV projects.

Deadline Hollywood also officially announced our largest, most notable movie deal yet: Click Here To Read The News:

Finally we've also added several new producers to the incubator over the couple of months:

Take care out there, everyone! And take care of each other.