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Happy July 1st! Just two years ago in 2013, we won the Next Big Idea contest at NTID that gave us $3,000 to continue our Idea on translation technology for the deaf. A few months after that contest, in early 2014 the team moved to San Francisco for the leap accelerator program to understand the technical side of the product more. Then a few months after the leap accelerator program, in late 2014 we started a IndieGoGo campaign and raised $45,000. And now as of recently in 2015, we have an amazing announcement. MotionSavvy raised $500,000 to finalize development of UNI and is now part of the 6 month Wells Fargo accelerator program to help push UNI out to businesses nationwide. Check out the video for details. #breakcommunicationbarriers What an amazing journey so far, and the future looks very bright for MotionSavvy. Thank you, loyal customers, friends, and investors in believing in the MotionSavvy team.