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on Feb 12 2020
Ivy studied mathematics and classical music in the former Yugoslavia and received a degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, SUNY in 2003 before joining LPPFusion in 2010.

Bike and wash
your laundry.  Sun-dry it.  Use solar cells for your lamps, radio... Drive Tesla;  walk to work, shops... do a car pool.   So many ways to save energy, yet to solve our systemic environmental pollution -caused by fossil fuels energy consumption- will take much more than doing all of the above daily...

Fusion energy can easily satisfy a growing energy demand worldwide  - and it can detox the planet from pollution caused by fossil fuels by fully replacing them at less cost.

Our fusion generator is modeled on natural processes that take place in the stars.  Our Sun burns fusion fuel to shine.  We can replicate this process here or Earth.  The socioeconomic and ecological impact of having fusion energy can radically transform the world into the place where inequality is minimized and quality of life for all beings is maximized.  This will be a simple consequence of the fact that fusion energy fuels are ubiquitously cheap and abundant.  That translates to very cheap energy.  The fusion generator we are developing will produce no nuclear waste.  The generators will fit into a garage sized room and will be decentralized and localized.  A black out hundreds of miles from you will no longer impact everyone on the network...

To see how you can  FLIP THE POWER from fossils to clean fusion energy, besides just saving energy with cool gadgets, learn more: