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The Greatest Adventure On Earth®

Welcome to The Greatest Adventure On Earth! (Public Launch!)

on Feb 4 2020
Live Event Producer. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Veteran. Founder: @PutFootRally, @ShoesOnFeet (Charity) and The Greatest Adventure On Earth!

We are finally open to investments from the public! After an extremely successful last 2 weeks, we have raised over $100k from our friends and family networks.

We are excited about the journey ahead as we push towards each of our milestones: $200k, $300k, then $400k and finally to our goal of $500k over the next few weeks. 

Join us, and help by spreading the word to your friends, family and extended networks, encouraging them to invest. Let’s fundraise together!

With our minimum goal achieved it means that today Shaan, Luke and I begin preparations for the largest adventure the world has ever seen. In the next two weeks we will be launching a new website, and thereafter the countdown to the opening of The Greatest Adventure On Earth registrations will begin!

Thank you for the support, and we look forward to sharing the journey ahead with you!