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on Feb 2 2020
Ivy studied mathematics and classical music in the former Yugoslavia and received a degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, SUNY in 2003 before joining LPPFusion in 2010.

Fusion Energy is the only way to fully replace fossil fuels sustainably, safely and cheaply.  Until that is done sustainability and our health along with the health of the planet will be going down the drain. Whatever you think about climate change, the issue is we  face deadly air pollution, toxic waters, toxic soils, toxic foods, and toxic finance systems based on toxic energy sources that are failing us globally.  And these toxic environments are taking more than 7 million lives every year.  This toxicity is immediate concern - and fusion energy can do away with it!

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Our global finance has mostly been working for the richest elite, corporations and the top %0.1.   Over the last 40-50 years our living standards have been collapsing all over the world.  The wealth of the middle class had been slowly transferred to top 1 percent over the decades and this trend continues today.  Inequality is on the rise.

Historically, the higher the world energy production the higher the world population grows.  

But today, the less developed countries have the highest  population growths. India and China are developing fast and so they demand most of the energy growth.  US spends as much energy as China with nearly only a quarter  population of that of China.  Yet pollution affects us all, whether it's created on another side of the planet or not. 

But the prices of energy have been manipulated since the 1970s.

So the higher the prices the less energy can be afforded, esp by the developing countries.  However the prices affect the West as well and we've been feeling it.  The higher the price of oil, the higher the price is of any other good as well.  The moment oil price goes up the transportation price goes up, your food costs more, your power bill costs more.  You have less left in your pocket and the oil men have more.  The purchasing power of the middle class falls as the prices of energy rise, as depicted here.  Is there any wonder why consumption had slowed down here as the oil price spiked in the 1970s?

The end result? More pollution for everyone, more expensive energy for everyone and less money in your pocket.  Keep in mind the population growth is currently negative or minimal in all developed countries... The aging populations are not being replaced except by immigrants perhaps.   Put simply, developed nations do not reproduce well in scarcity.  

So, here are some UN predictions of what may happen to the world population from here depending on how much energy we can get and at what cost.  

In these charts the makers leave it up to your imagination where things may go - from fully optimistic to ... well... population collapse back to ages before the industrial revolution.  Yes the population decline is real. In the next chart for some reason UN decided on the median population growth and the higher energy consumption.  That just means they envision everyone will get more access to energy.  We can only share that vision however if fusion energy is the main source. 

Now check out this historic chart of energy consumption!

You can see nuclear fission has been around for only 70 years, oil for 120, coal for 170.  You can see that fossil fuels all took 100 years and more to really take off.  Nuclear is lagging as it is "younger", fusion is not even in the picture. Nether are wind and solar. But also notice the lower energy density sources like wood and hydro, that simply never really stood a chance in this energy consumption competition because, well, they just don't perform well enough given current populations demands. 

If sustainability is the goal of our generations, then access to cheap, clean and safe energy is the key to getting there - because - energy is the only currency that truly matters.  Your gold under the mattress will not save you if the stores are empty... Fusion energy can provide the sustainable, clean and safe future for billions of years to come.  And with its cheap fuels it can render fossil fuels obsolete thus opening a way for a long needed environmental and financial detox.  Not having to subsidize dirty energy will free up lots of funds for our crippling infrastructure, homes, industries, schools etc. 

Unfortunately  ITER, the biggest international fusion project in France has not even started yet with experiments because it isn't even fully built yet, and the US is considering pulling out of it.  So after decades of frustration waiting for fusion, fusion researcgers had gone private.  With us, LPPFusion, you have a chance to help the world's sustainability take place sooner rather than later.  You have a chance to help the environment, to help create healthier lives for all species, to help future generations live better lives, to help diminish unnecessary resource wars, to help bring more equality to common folk, and enjoy the fruits of your investment.  

See our other updates to learn more about energy density and how fusion compares to nuclear fission.  Fusion fuels power the stars in the universe including our Sun.  Fusion is the ultimate energy source - and we are going to recreate it here on Earth.  Join the energy revolution now, for the environment, for humanity and for your own wallet's sake. 


*Additional data sources for "Deaths Per TWh"