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Scrap Connection / Tradefox

New Product Demo is Receiving Rave Reviews

on Jan 22 2020
I am a serial entrepreneur with a background in the waste and recycling industry, international trade and web based technologies.

We're excited to announce that our new product demo is done and is being pushed out through all of our marketing channels. In creating this video, we sought to provide more clarity to our members on how to use our product to solve two very important problems. 

Monitoring Existing Trading Partners

The global trade of recyclables experiences substantial friction due to the threat of losses during each transaction. With every new trade, buyers and sellers face the possibility of cancelled contracts, failure to ship, un-collectible quality claims and in some instances outright fraud. The unfair trading practices can occur on the first deal or the 10th deal between any buyer and seller. Therefore it's important to keep an eye on your trading partners at all times.

We now offer our members the capability to monitor their trading partners through the Tradefox app. We have 3,500 members in our network today. When an unfair trade is reported, all members who are following that company are notified via push notification immediately. Our members are loving this new feature! 

Finding Trustworthy New Trading Partners

Demand and supply are constantly in flux in international markets. India might the hot market this month and South Korea next month. Buyers and sellers need to be nimble and able to quickly find reliable trading partners in order to maintain their margins. We recently simplified our search tool, making it much easier to find new trading partners based on material type and geographic location. We also did some work on the back end to populate many more results for our members so they have a greater selection to choose from. 

Early Feedback:

Here are some quotes from our members:

"I got cheated three years back for steel scrap i booked Malaysia. This is the need of the day!" - Ambrish S.

"This platform seems to excellent and helpful for new comers." - Faisal R.

"Finally, a way bring accountability to my foreign importers." - Rajesh D. 

Viewing our New Video:

Want to have a better understanding for how Tradefox works and how it is helping people in the recycling world avoid massive losses? Please watch our video below. 

Thank you for your interest in Tradefox! We are driving growth in recycling by providing transparency.