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on Jan 22 2020
Ivy studied mathematics and classical music in the former Yugoslavia and received a degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, SUNY in 2003 before joining LPPFusion in 2010.

Lerner made his first selfie home video explaining where the cracks in cosmology are starting to crack the old theories.   Please don't mind the over-exposure, we are under staffed.  Usually at least two of us will work on recording and lighting and editing and sometimes on the script.  This time Lerner did it all by him self. like a millennial! Jose helped with editing though.  To get to the funny part fast-forward toward the end where he grades the the Big Bang theory... Remember this had been a controversial theory from the start and Lerner had been finding holes in it since the 1980s and he is only gaining massive support now... 

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