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Pressure Games

Pressure Games Highlight Reel For January

on Jan 21 2020
Technologist, leader, entrepreneur. I create things and learn along the way. CEO at Pressure Games, former CTO at Nuzzle.

2019 is in the bag and 2020 is off to a strong start. This is the year we become a revenue generating company, and we couldn't be more excited.

We are on track to launch Countdown this Summer, providing ample time for further positive reviews to percolate and lead us into what we are anticipating will be a strong 2020 holiday season. 

Below are the major events over the last month and notable upcoming events.

CES Roundup: Liz Hughes (CBO) and Alex Andreae (CEO) attended CES January 8th-11th which was extremely productive. Highest profile meetings & events we had:

  • Met with Astra (nationwide toy store distributor) to demo Countdown. Our cost model looks good and we'll be having further talks about distribution as we march toward launch.
  • Met with Arrow (2nd largest electronics distributor) - Handshake agreement to cross promote each other - Arrow will promote Pressure Games, our toys and upcoming kickstarter campaign, we will promote ease of working with a large vendor from a 'startup' view. Further meetings planned to work out the details.
  • Met the creator of the Good Toy Guide (the toy bible in the UK). They are bringing the guide to the US and thinks Countdown would be a good fit based on our demo. We're in discussions for next steps. They can also help create and promote content for a Kickstarter and launch campaign.
  • TechUp's 'Connected Toy' presentation at the Kids@Play Interactive summit included Countdown.
  • We were one of 10 companies selected by TechCrunch to open pitch at their Meetup & Pitch Night. Alex pitched in front of ~100 attendees, answered questions and received solid feedback.

Recent/Upcoming Publicity:

  • TechUP Interview with Liz and I at CES -
  • ABC7 Sarasota "Morning View" interview from 1/14, 9am -
  • Harbor Style's February issue (due out later in January) should be featuring Pressure Games. 
  • We started the SWFL chapter of "Florida for Good". We're partnering with the University of Florida sustainability program to have students help put together a B-Corp certification plan.

Manufacturing Status: 

We've received manufacturing quotes for Countdown lining up with our original projections of $12-15 per unit, going down further at higher volumes (>10k). We are still targeting a $40 retail price, providing healthy margins. We anticipate a larger manufacturing run this summer to build up inventory for holiday 2020.

For our first production run, tooling costs look to be around $20-25k, meaning the full first production run of 5k units will be under $100k. Tooling is a one-time setup fee, so future production runs will require less capital.

Future Toys:

 Once manufacturing starts for Countdown, we'll begin prototyping our next toy. It will share many technical features of Countdown, but focus on a new game concept. Development time should be drastically reduced due to infrastructure and R&D investments in Countdown.

We currently have 2 more tech toys and one non-tech toy under consideration beyond Countdown.

Thank you for investing, or considering it. 2020 is shaping up to be an excellent year!