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WeStrive hits $50K

on Jan 15 2020

Hey everyone, we're excited to announce that we've hit our minimum funding of $50K! The app launched a few weeks ago and we've already had 36 new trainers sign-up for private training during our pre-launch phase. We've even had multiple trainers acquire new clients already from exercisers applying to train with them from within the WeStrive App. Very exciting stuff!

Our goal is to finish working on some updates this week and then begin reaching out to the thousands of personal trainers in our network. We're expecting massive growth in February/March and we are ecstatic about our future.

If you're thinking of investing, now is the time! We'll start posting press releases, blog articles, podcast interviews, and more towards the end of the month and we're hoping to see the app explode onto the market in the coming months.

With additional funding, after we add Facebook Sign-up capabilities, our primary goal is to update the social media feed on our app in order to make it more fitness-focused. We want to build out more of a Goals/accomplishments section where users can up-vote and promote their friend's/family's fitness goals and cheer them on when those goals are accomplished.

This is just one of the many updates we have planned. Reply to this update if you have any questions, looking forward to having you all on board for 2020!

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