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on Jan 13 2020
Ivy studied mathematics and classical music in the former Yugoslavia and received a degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, SUNY in 2003 before joining LPPFusion in 2010.

Our chief scientist Eric Lerner just came back from AMERICAN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY (AAS) WINTER MEETING, Jan 4-8, 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii
Some refer to it as Super Bowl of Astronomy.

Lerner presented his latest discoveries further solidifying his decades old theory that the big bang never happened.  This theory had been controversial from the start but hat over the century became dogmatic.  With new data and new observations coming from the Hubble space telescope however the cracks in this 100 years old theory developed by a Belgian priest named Georges Lemaître in the 1920s are starting to dig deeper and deeper.

Cosmology theories affect fusion energy research.  The rise in endorsement of many scientists who support Lerner's cosmology theories is a sign that LPPFusion's fusion research is a leading fusion energy research in the world with the top world fusion energy yield results, despite its minimal funding. Most fusion research is government funded and few that are private so far have been backed by biggest world's billionaires. 

Lerner had a small press conference after his presentation last week and two online articles about his no-big-bang-happened theory have already been published.  We are thrilled!

Article 1: Did the Big Bang Really Happened? Scientist dispute universe's origin history.

Article 1: Another Astronomer Says The Big Bang Might Have Never Happened