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Voyage Media

Thank you!

on Nov 18 2019
Founder / Investor

Dear Investors!

Thank you for your 2017 and 2019 investments into Voyage. We are grateful and happy to have you with us. 

We believe we have a bright future - with the right idea, the right passion, and right people to forge a new, direct, and friendlier path for stories in Hollywood. As a small company doing big things, your investment helps fuel our mission. 

I've tried my best to inform and engage with you during this latest raise. I believe if you read the thread of updates, you will have a firm grasp of what we've done and where we're going.

Now that our fundraise is over, and as we continue to focus our time and attention on executing the mission, you will hear less frequent updates. But please do check back here from time to time as we announce major developments.

Thank you again for your unbridled belief in what we're up to.

All the best,

Nat Mundel - Founder/CEO

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