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Investing in our veterans

on Nov 14 2019
Founder / Investor

In recent years, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Samuel Hill, one of our clients and the author of the book “Six Days To Zeus: Alive Day".

Alive Day is the true story about Chief, a special ops commander in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and a story we’re making into a studio picture with Oscar-nominated producer Mike Medavoy and A-list director Phillip Noyce.

You can read some press when you click here. And you can read what Hill has to say by reading below this post.

Samuel Hill is the author’s pen name and he’s only recently revealed that he is Chief.

He’s kept it under wraps in part because he’s modest and hates attention but also because he’s high on the terrorists’ hit list.

Recently, Chief launched a non-profit called Tier One Tranquility Base to combat the rising suicide rates of veterans. Approximately 20 veterans die each day by suicide.

Voyage just made a donation to his Tranquility Base, which is one way we’ve use the Voyage scholarship funds.

Other scholarship funds are used to provide free or discounted access to our incubator for underprivileged storytellers who show high levels of passion and commitment, and whose stories need to be heard.

Finally, we provide financial support to Young Storytellers, a non-profit that provides story mentorship to inner city youth. 

When you invest $250 or more, in addition to owning stock in our growing company, 1% of your investment goes to scholarships.

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The investment window closes for good tomorrow, Friday.


PS – To learn more about Chief’s story, click here for another press article.

PPS- Here’s what Chief has to say about Voyage:

“As a first time author, I had many reservations about my very first novel. What started out as "therapy writing" to assist my PTS Counselor, turned into a book. I had no idea that what I had written would strike so many people in the soul.

I selected Kathleen McLaughlin from their list of producers. As promised, I was on the phone talking directly with her in very short order. Subsequent steps in the process led to collaborating with her on a screenplay. Voyage and Kathleen worked together to bring my manuscript up to par…

And then they got it in front of Phillip Noyce who immediately 'ATTACHED' to the project.

Of course, being from outside Hollywood, I heard the stories of how hard it was to "break in". I had no idea how the business worked and that left me feeling extremely vulnerable. Especially with a life story from the compartmented world of U.S. Intelligence.

I was so naive to the process that when I got the call that Phillip attached, I had no idea who Phillip was nor what attaching had to do with anything. Yeah, I’m from that planet.

I soon learned that ALL of my favorite movies, the ones that genuinely resonated with my soul, were done by Phillip Noyce. Films like PATRIOT GAMES, SALT, all in a genre that I lived and breathed in real life during my career as an Operations Intelligence Officer in the Tier One Warrior world.

Within a month or less, Phillip came to my hometown to visit with me, discuss the project and talk about where this project might go. Nat Mundel was there, every step of the way.

I was then invited to Hollywood, met with Mike Medavoy (BLACK SWAN, ALTERED CARBON), the Oscar-nominated producer that partnered with Voyage on my movie, and was invited to see what a premier was all about. It was then and there that I realized just how good these people were.

Had anyone told me in the past that some day my book would become a movie, I would have just ignored it, or maybe laughed at that person. But one chance meeting with Nat Mundel and his staff led me to open my "black heart of skepticism" and accept the reality that Voyage has the ability to do precisely what they say.

From product evaluation, to fruition. I still have to pinch myself and realize this is really going to happen

My sincere heart felt thanks to Voyage and Nat Mundel for the mentorship, the trust and the professional conduct that's bringing my book to the big screen!


Samuel Hill”

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