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Le Bread Xpress

5 Machines at Tesla

on Nov 11 2019
Entrepreneur CEO/Founder Le Bread Xpress

We are very excited to have successfully installed 5 machines in 10 days at Tesla. What a perfect first customer for our micro-bakery. between office spaces and the factory floor operating 24/7, it cannot a better testing ground

Great launch!

Feedback from customers are outstanding and very positive.

Canteen/Compass Group is also very pleased to see the level of sales reached, exceeded their most optimistic estimation. our record sales was $1300 in a day on 4 machines ! this translates to nearly $500 k annualized sales !! 

After few more weeks of testing, Compass will be ready to expand to other customers in the Bay area 

Identified customers waiting for a machine are: UC Berkeley, Stanford, Google and Amazon

Google has more than 200 break-rooms in their headquarter campus in Mountain View CA! 

This will be a breakthrough and should increase substantially the prospect of Le Bread Xpress. So may be time to invest now or increase your investments :)

More to come soon..