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Voyage Media

Video (interview with incubator storyteller)

on Nov 8 2019
Founder / Investor

Since I emailed the Q&A a couple days ago, more questions have come in.

Some needed clarity on the deadline and what it means:

Our stock sale closes in less than a week, on Friday at 11:59pm EST (New York time).

Once the stock sale is over, there will be no additional investing possible. And we currently have no plans to open the offer again, so when it’s over, it’s over.

Some wanted more info on a couple upcoming projects and the two higher-level incentives:

The 25K and 100K incentives can be applied to your own project or to one of our many existing Originals in development. A few are listed below.

THE URGE (horror): After killing someone in a traffic accident, a young man experiences violent impulses and fears that he may be destined to become a murderer like his father.

LONG SHOT (sports drama): Based on a true story, an African-American woman who has struggled for years with mental illness and homelessness that has led to estrangement from her children becomes the first black female ever to compete as a jockey in Chicago, and the first ever to win a major race.

SEAL WITH A KISS (family film, based on a true story): When a busy young couple on the North Slope of Alaska discovers a sick baby seal, they take it in and rehabilitate it at home. Not only is their whole world and family turned upside down, they realize there are more sick seals so they take on the oil company behind it.

THE BONE LADY (comedy): Based on the true story of "The Bone Lady", an NFL super fan for the Cleveland Browns. A young Browns marketing intern is given the job of chaperoning the outrageous Bone Lady, and learns what it means to be authentic.

If you were to invest at one of the two higher incentives, and you did not have a story of your own that you wanted to work on with us…

We would bring you into one of these projects (or others), and use some of your investment capital to further fund development (screenplay rewrites, casting director, budgets, etc) to make the projects more appealing in the market.

Click below to watch a video interview from someone who participated in our production incubator and we ended up getting her movie financed and made (and it hit number one on Amazon Prime during it’s paid window, and is now on Netflix for its streaming window).

So again, if you’re interested in investing in the two higher incentive levels, please reply to this email and we’ll set a call right away this coming week.

But if you can’t afford that level of investment, you can still jump in and own stock in Voyage for as little as 250.

Click Here To Invest Now, before we close on Friday for good.

Let’s do great things together!



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