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Voyage Media

Your Questions Answered Here.

on Nov 6 2019
Founder / Investor

There are less than 10 days left to buy stock in Voyage… Seems like many of you were waiting until the last minute!

Since we announced the deadline, investment has been pouring in ~$70,000 in the last day alone.

Click here to get your investment in now.

Many of you have had questions, so I wanted to take a moment and address them:

Q: How much is it to invest in Voyage?

The minimum to invest is only $250.

Q: How will I make money on this investment?

If Voyage is acquired or goes public, you’ll receive a payout equal to your ownership percentage.

Also, if Voyage introduces a dividend system, you’ll receive dividends equal to your ownership percentage.

Q: I’m a writer, how does this benefit me?

Voyage is the first-of-its-kind studio incubator. We develop, package, and produce films and TV series that emerge from storytellers outside the industry.

When you own shares, you’re simultaneously investing in your own projects (there are incentives for investors) while also investing in others’ projects.

We’re built around and believe in the idea that ‘if one of us succeeds, we all succeed’.

If you have a creative project on our platform, there’s always the possibility that yours will be selected to get made. And if not, as an investor, you’ll still benefit from others that are.

Q: What if I’m not a storyteller — can I still benefit from investing?

You do not have to be a storyteller to invest in Voyage.

Demand for original programming is up 500% since 2014.

Voyage is an innovative model that follows the trends of the great tech and music industry disruptors and is designed to capitalize on the ever-changing media landscape.

By investing at the corporate level (vs. film by film) investors get to diversify their risk across all of the Voyage offerings, including a diverse slate of films and TV projects.

Q: How is your revenue trending?

So far in 2019, our revenue is up 20% year over year. We owe that to a great and highly focused sales team, and by reducing our cost-per-lead in half. We've also double the amount of contracts we've executed on behalf of our clients, which has enabled us to share more success stories that prove our capability, track record, and commitment to excellence.

    Q: When is the deadline to invest?

    Our stock sale closes on Friday, November 15th. This cannot be changed.

    If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to jump over!

    Click Here To Invest Now.

    Cheers to our shared success!


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