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How Voyage's new "Labels" impact investors

on Oct 30 2019
Founder / Investor

I’ve been talking a lot about how excited we are to have brought on our new Head of Originals, Robert Mitas.

When you bring on a senior executive like Robert, things start moving quickly with the fresh energy and perspective.

On week two of his role, Robert introduced “Labels”.

And the company, employees, and producers have all felt a renewed alignment, and a flurry of activity has begun!

So what are ‘Labels’ and how do they impact investors?

Voyage is an open-source studio. Our vision is to meet the rapidly growing demand for original content by bringing in a volume of stories from fresh, original voices outside of the Hollywood system.

Let’s talk about volume for a second…

I’ve run the numbers and Voyage is currently capable of working on and developing 1000 projects within a year.

That’s a similar volume as a major studio (think Disney, Universal, Paramount etc).

But unlike the major studios that employ 1000s of people, we do this with a tiny, low cost team of 8.

We think that’s very cool and one of the reasons we’re so interesting to investors and to the streaming platforms.

But how do we do it?

Our network of producers & storytellers (you), strong corporate culture, and an efficient backend data-tracking system make up the brain of our operation. Labels then become the neural network, directing the brain to classify projects as they enter the pipeline, move through development, then organized with specific financing/distribution partners, and finally output into production.

In business terms, Labels are distinct supply chain verticals, each aligning content, work, and relationships toward specific distribution outcomes. 

Each Label will have its own set of mandates, relationships and most importantly, it’s own set of strategic partners (for financing and distribution).

Here’s an early stage view of some of the Labels we are creating:

:Her – Inspiring movies of women overcoming obstacles

:Series – One-hour drama and half-hour comedy series for network, cable or streaming

:True – Reality/Documentary programming

:Edge – Edgy, dark horror, thrillers and indies that skew toward a male audience

:Studio – Big budget movies that require global distribution

:Family – Family friendly and kids projects (think Disney, Dreamworks, etc)

:Faith – Movies that capitalize on the growing Christian and faith markets

:Cine – Indie dramas with a focus on sophistication, stars, and award-season

Once we have our Labels finalized and prioritized, the year ahead for Robert is to (1) organize our existing slate, partnerships, film funds, and relationships in to these buckets, and (2) initiate outreach to build new partnerships and output deals for financing/distribution.

Voyage is a flurry of activity as a result, with more projects than ever coming into our pipeline, and more Originals coming out the other end!

And the team is reorganizing our processes and data tracking tools around these new Labels.

Voyage 4.0 is our best version of Voyage yet.

If you want to own a piece of what we’re up to, our SEC-regulated investment round is only open for two more weeks.

Please click here now if you want to own stock in Voyage.

All the best,


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