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Voyage Media

[Recording] Voyage Founder & Head of Originals

on Oct 24 2019
Founder / Investor

Bad News/Good News:

The bad news is that there was so many guests to our webinar that our servers were overloaded and our video recording is less than perfect. 

The good news is that we had a huge turn out. Robert and I were able to share our new 'Labels' strategy, and we took some great questions from guests.

Here's how to get the most out of the recording:

(1) skip to minute 4:53 which is when we get started

(2) skip the teaser for our new movie (skip 18:58 to 21:48) and instead watch the 2nd clip below 

(3) We had some audio issues with Robert so you can skip the section from 31:30 to 34:15, when we were able to get it resolved.

After you've watched, and to invest, click here to learn more about Voyage and the offering.

Here's the webinar:

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