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World-class Global Partnerships

on Sep 27 2019
Entrepreneur and business leader with 20+ years of experience managing strategic programs in the Retail industry.

One of the first questions we receive when discussing our plans is ‘where do you plan to manufacture?’ 

The short answer to this question is that we plan to partner with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical performance apparel — a company based in Portugal. This organization utilizes advanced laser cutting technologies, ultrasonic welding, and other innovative technologies to create award-winning products for its customers. Furthermore, we have also partnered with the world’s finest technical fabric innovator — a legendary organization based in Switzerland. 

These organizations are just two of the strategic partners that we have developed to help ensure the success of the LOCL brand. Investors should be assured that we are developing equally impressive partnerships across all facets of our business — from web design and development to supply chain and logistics.

To enable us to execute on our plans and further develop these incredible partnerships, we need your continued support!

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