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Border X Brewing

Quick Update from MiTU

on Nov 21 2019
Experienced technology manager and craft beer entrepreneur.

Hello investors!  Sorry for the gap in updates, we have been working very, very hard to put together the infrastructure for growth. Since my last update, we have done the following;

- Completed hiring for Bell:  New Tasting Room Manager, Head Brewer and new Community Builder.  We are learning that hiring the right people, and training them, while bringing up a business is a lot of work!  However, for the first time we will have a fully scheduled October timeline in Bell!  We have a series of beer and craft workshops building up to a our favorite celebration: " Dia de Los Muertos" on November 2nd. 

- Brewing system in Bell has been cranking out great quality beer since May!  We are delighted that the Bell brewhouse is so much more efficient, we have had to rework our recipes. For example, the Mash Tun has automatic rakes that agitate the Wort, and it does it so successfully, that our classic Blood Saison came in at a record 9.2% ABV but was super delicious.  Knowing we could not sell it as Blood, we decided to brand it "Royal Blood" Saison.   This is a good problem to have. 

- We have been invited to expand to surrounding communities, who love what we have done, but we have decided to postpone until we fully dial in the processes and training. There is nothing worse than expanding while not having a consistent process and execution. We will spend the next three months on building our processes and infrastructure, then starting in January, we will begin the expansion process again. 

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